Project template

In this post we're going to run through how we setup 'The basic' project template in Bustl.

This template is for jotting down quick notes, or tasks that may be associated with that note. You can download a copy of the app yourself through the online projects page

We use this project to keep a random assortment of simple notes and to track task along with that note. For me, I want to quickly access guitar tabs I can use on my phone while practising guitar. As you can see in the gif below, that rarely happens..

Saving quick links to access on your mobile

Guitar example


All projects are made up of a number of types. Types allow you to create your data in a structured manner. Types have a collection of content fields. Uses can customise these fields, inherit fields from other types and set default content.


We've created three types of cards in this project. Text notes, tasks and (optional) progress cards.

  • The text note card uses the $name$ token to generate content based on your card name
  • The task list card allows you to create tasks and sort your cards in the kanban view of your project.
  • The task progress card uses the radio content field (only one radio button can be selected) as an optional or alternative way to track tasks
Text note Task list Task progress
note task Progress


When you create a card, you will receive a notification to approve the request, this means when you schedule your notes you can overwrite that action happening. However sometimes we don't want to have to approve this happening, for this project we want every card to be created and updated without approval required.

approve all

All notes will automatically approve, meaning you don't need to approve them manually.


While we didn't create any goals with the types we had, if we wanted to personalise the type of types and notes we wanted, we would probably add some goals. For more information on goals you can read more here.

You can customise your own goals when you download

While this is still in development, we hope to get the beta invites out soon, so if you haven't already sign up for the beta today