In this post we want to go through some of the ways you can access you notes and tasks in Bustl.

  • Search

Use the search bar to quickly access your notes by name (and soon content).



  • Group

You can filter your notes by type as well. This will allow you to select particular types of notes to filter by. These note types are based on the types in the theme you have selected.


  • Sort

In order to organise your data into relevant dashboards, you can group your notes by the content. By default it will be based on the created date, but you can also organise by the radio or checked list content.


  • Organise

Finally notes will be grouped based on the theme you have selected. Each theme will allow you to create a collection of note types (and an image or colour..)


While this is still in development, we hope to get the beta invites out soon, so if you haven't already sign up for the beta today