In Bustle you define what you need for notes.

Choose what content you need and apps you need to integrate with, whether Google Calendar, Drive or something else.

You may have multiple types of events, each which have a different flavour. Or different tasks for your different team members.

Here are some different types of content you can save

Text content

Text content allows you to capture and edit your text notes

Checklist content

Checked list content allows you to create lists form. Use other Bustl notes as items and organise your data

Radio content

Similar to Checkedlist content, radio list allows you to check one item at a time.

Google Map content

Capture the location of your common places in google maps.

Timer content

Create a series of timers to record the time you've spent on a task.

Google Calendar content

Automatically create, update and delete your Google Calendar activities with your notes

Notes:Requires authentication

Google Calendar content

List and manage your google files you need with your notes

Notes:Requires authentication