In this post we want to demonstrate how easy it is to setup a new regular reminder in Bustl. Bustl is a productivity app that acts like your own personal assistant, automatically creating new notes, tasks or reminders for your based on your own rules.

In Bustl, you can create projects with different templates to represent your daily activities. These templates work by choosing different content blocks and adding them to a card. The content blocks can integrate with other applications - such as Google Calendar, and SMS or SMTP provider and perform actions for you.

In this post we will be adding the SMS and Email content blocks to two new cards that represent different reminders. A scheduled job will be created for each card to automatically create the tasks for us. 

1. Creating a new reminder

In this post we will only create a text reminder, however we could also include an email content block if we wanted to send both a text and email through the content section.

Creating a type

Note about content blocks:

Not all content blocks have actions (such as sending a text reminder), some simply store content - such as the text editor. When you add a content block (with an action) to a card, you will get the option to use those actions in the workflow. You can also hide content blocks so they are not visible for the user if you just want to use an action.

Note about workflows

Workflows allow you to perform actions from the content block actions. Workflows run before the card creation, before updating it and deleting the card. This allows you to have more control. For some cards you may want to send yourself an email before something is created, in other instances it may be when its deleted. This also goes for other note actions such as copying files in Google Drive.

2. Creating a new rule

Rules allow you to control how a new card is created. At the moment the rules are fairly simple and only allow you to auto-approve or deny cards being created. However as we introduce additional features such as teams you may want to add certain conditions when certain team members create cards.

Creating a rule

Note: Without a rule we would get the notification requiring our approval before this goes through

Requiring approval

3. Creating a new schedule

Schedules allow you to automate the card creation. Schedules can be setup to be a once off job run at a certain date or time. Or may be setup to be a run regularly. You can also customise the default content and card name to choose what content to create on certain days or at certain times. This simply overrides the default content setup in the type.

Creating a new schedule

The end product

With our new schedule and reminder we will automatically get a new text reminder every 30 minutes. Of course we can still manually create this reminder if need be. 

Text reminder


While this is still in development, we hope to get the beta invites out soon, so if you haven't already sign up for the beta today