Switching in and out of your applications can be time consuming. While We don't want to replace your suite of applications, we do think it can be easier to manage your day. In this post we want to look at how you can manage your Google Drive files from Bustl.

Google Drive content

The Google Drive calendar can be broken down into three sections:

  • Selected Directory

At the top you can choose which directory to manage. The selected directory is what you save with your Bustl note so every time you open your note you get the files you need.

  • Directory listing

The directory listing allows you to open, update, delete or copy the files in your selected directory

  • File creator

Finally we can create new types of files within our selected directory at the bottom.

The Google Drive file creation in motion

The Google Drive file creation in motion

While this is still in development, we are currently in an internal beta, if you haven't already sign up for the open beta today