Exactly how we achieve our goal (and your goals) is not certain. We don't need to know that at this stage, we simply need a process that will keep us on our path in achieving them. We know we're not going to achieve them on the first go, but we want to make sure that we will eventually reach them. So lets create a simple process that will help us do so.

  1. Track
  2. Iterate
  3. Improve

It's a very simple process that most people are aware of. However if we want to achieve our goals, we need to follow a plan.

How can we track everyones goals?

Firstly, we need be agnostic. Looking at this process it is pretty obvious that the data we want to track isn't going to stay the same. As we iterate and improve we know that as a consequence what we track will need to change. We also need to be adaptable to be able to track the data we care about for our goals, as well as the data you care about.

We do not know what you need or what you want to track, so we can only put in a system that will be adaptable to allow anyone to do so. Sometimes you may only want to track tasks in a simple to do list, other times you may want something more than that. 

How do I need to iterate?

The task at hand. A foundation can't be built on a single layer, and to reach your goal you're going to continually adapt and improve. We need to keep adding more layers until we reach our goal. In order to iterate over a task or idea you need structure and process. The structure is to keep us aligned with our goal and the process is to keep us moving. 

How can I improve?

Well we can only improve on something if we measure what we're improving. This is where we will understand the data we captured, if we capture data in a unstructured manner, then improving on it is going to be a lot more difficult. 

So order to improve we need to understand the task at hand, each task may be completely different to one another and an improvement in one may not equate to an improvement in another. So we need a system that will allow us to understand the context of that goal, the history of changes that led to that goal. Once we have that, we can measure our improvement.