In this post we're going to quick demonstrate two new features in Bustl to help you be more productive and do less work. But first lets quickly recap on how cards work in Bustl:

  1. You create different cards (like a series of sticky notes) by mix and matching what content you want to save (text, checklists, etc)
  2. These cards can be custom, or create by a type (template)
  3. The types can have default content that you can override with each card

Okay, now on to tokens. Tokens are a common feature in a lot of applications, they allow us to replace a token keyword with some other content. In Bustl, we've introduced four tokens (with more to come..):

  • $name$ - Replace the token with the name of the card
  • $created$ - Replace the token with the date the card was last created
  • $updated$ - Replace the token with the date the card was last updated
  • $url$ - Replace with token with a link to the card

By placing these tokens in your card, or the default content of your card types you can dynamically create different tasks, cards and notes without lifting a finger - well maybe just a little bit.

The type editing with an example card type - containing a text, list and SMS content field.

In the example above, we've used these tokens in both the text and SMS field. However we could use it in the list content field too. Now when we go to create a new card based on the 'Feature' card type it will automatically replace that content with the relevant values.

We will continue to work on providing more tokens to be used.

While this is still in development, we hope to get the beta invites out soon, so if you haven't already sign up for the beta today