In this post we're going to discuss inheritance - yes like your genes, but not as complicated.

Content inheritance is another feature we've included to simplify managing your notes and tasks. Content inheritance can be enabled in the type (template) editor in your project.

For this post we are using an example project to track what books we read. This project contains three types: 'Non Fiction Book', 'Fiction Book' and 'Book' which is the base type.


While we also have the option to copy other types, sometimes we want them to share some content and we want our content standardised. So for this we created a base type 'Book type' to contain the content we wanted in all our books. After clicking on which type to edit you can choose which types to inherit from.

'Book' editing 'The Fiction Book' editing
Fiction details


In the above image you can see we have two types (templates) of content, 'Book' and the 'Fiction Book' type. The 'Non Fiction Book' inherits content from the 'Book' type. On the bottom, we can see the content for the type and the inherited content on the right.

This content values can also be overwritten by the inherited types, or hidden from the general card view.

'Base content' 'Non Fiction book'
Base Template Inherited

This allows us to keep our content to a standard that we need in our day to day management of tasks and data.

While this is still in development, we hope to get the beta invites out soon, so if you haven't already sign up for the beta today