So we wanted to demonstrate one of final features we're releasing in the Bustl beta release: Goals

So we're not going to talk about what goals are, but rather we want to discuss how they work in Bustl. As with everything in Bustl, goals are tied to a project. As we've posted about previously, each project can contain a number of different customised cards.

What is a card? Well a card is just a type of note, task, event, reminder or some other collection of content. For this post, we're going to use an example bug tracker card we've created. It contains text, check list and a link list to link other cards to this.

An example card for tracking bugs

Example bug card

So what about the goals?

Well back to the point of this post, each project can have any number of cards unique to that project. In each project you can have any number of goals which you can use to track your progress with these cards. Simply, you can create a goal to track how many types of specific cards you have - in this post we're only going to track how many goals have been created.

Goals can have certain criteria - If we use the example bug tracking card above, it may be how many bug tracker cards have been created. Or it could be how many bug tracker cards have their priority set to high. But for this post, we'll keep it simple.

Creating our new goal

Goal editor

What will happen now if we view the goal tab of our projects, is we should see our goals being tracked immediately. As we've already created 7 bugs already we can see this progress immediately.

Editing our project management goals

Goal tracking

We thought we'd keep this post lite on content and not go too deep into the goal tracking system in Bustl, however as we move closer to launch we will post some more complex examples of how your goals can be tracked.

This is still in beta

If you are interested in joining the beta, click here to sign up to the beta list