Why we created Bustl

Bustl was influenced by another system called Bullet Journal an offline approach toward structuring your notes in a concise and clear manner. The goal of Bustl isn't to replace an offline journal, I still write in my Bullet Journal and will continue to do so. Instead it's to provide a digital alternative that brings features of the digital world to Bullet Journal's; collaboration, sharing and automation.

Having an offline and online journal can work well together

Having an offline and online journal can work well together

There are many not taking applications our there already. However we found that there weren't any that acted how we needed them.

Firstly, we want structure. For me Bullet Journal works so well because of the structure that my notes maintain. I have countless pages of scrappy notes which quick memories I need to save that are interlaced with unrelated ideas and tasks. When I try to re-read over my notes, I need to then piece together the actual idea and hope I got it right.

Second, we want adaptability. I work with many different types of software and consistently replace one product with another. This leads me to opening 32 tabs for each application or site that's important and when I walk away for a moment, having to open tab to try and find what I need. 

I want to be able to go to a single place and from there have it operate on behalf of me with the applications I need

Third, we want collaboration. I want to easily share my notes with others to get feedback or provide information on. While writing my hand-written notes up in an email and sending them to a colleague does help me retain the information, it also takes time away from doing the task at hand.

Finally, we want smarts. We want to be able reduce the work I'm doing. To reduce the number of steps I take in achieving that task, to not have to repeatedly perform the same actions over and over. 

Our solution is Bustl, a note taking app which allows you to choose the data you want to capture, integrate with the apps you need, collaborate and share with the people that are important and finally to automate the simply tasks out of our lives.